Community Schools Programme

Providing rugby in schools during PE and after school / holiday clubs for FREE in areas that we identify a need and benefit. To encourage playing, coaching and officiating of the sport and to educate and adjust behavioural issues through Rugby's Core Values

FREE Taster sessions allowing you to try our project before committing themselves.

Cost is a key determinant of accessibility. Charges can be a barrier for families on low incomes. They either prevent attendance, or lead to sporadic attendance. 

Our solution is to offer it FREE.

This problem increases when young people also face transport costs. It is a particular challenge for rural communities.

Our solution is to offer it FREE.

DBS checked and RFU Qualified coaches,  Utilising retraining and education of unemployed and NEET Volunteers alongside our Academy students and graduates. 

Rugby can act as a diversionary activity distracting from anti social behaviour, violent and criminal activities and also as a hook bringing young people into contact with opportunities for achieving wider goals such as furthering their education or finding employment.